I'm In.

Following Jesus is about potential. 

So often we stop at salvation, which of course is huge but we shortchange what happens next. We are deputized to be part of God's plan for the world. The plan to make everything right. 

In Acts we see the followers receive their mission: to be witnesses of this Jesus. In this they are told to wait for a gift. The gift is the Holy Spirit. God's Spirit is the animating and creative force behind us that allows us to be witnesses. The Spirit is potential. 

The Spirit first manifests as fire. Throughout the Bible fire is used to symbolize the presence of God. In the Spirit God comes close. 

Presence of God.
Audacity of Mission.
Symbol of Fire.

Following Jesus is about potential. 

It starts with saying "I'm in."

In saying "I'm in" we are opening ourselves up the work of the Spirit and the potential of following Jesus to play out in our lives. 

For some of us we have stated this already. Perhaps in baptism, confirmation or a prayer of response. Others of us have yet to make this statement. 

We celebrate baptism and always will. But as a new church how do we say that "I'm in" and I'm following Jesus and calling Movement Church home? How do we mark that we are on this adventure?

In marking this commitment we want to attach an object to it. This helps make things tangible and forces us to act by simply taking something. Our object is flint and steel. 

The most basic and necessary tool for any trailblazer crucial to survival and being able to thrive in a hostile environment. Starting with fire, starting with the presence of God is how we are able to live into the mission of helping people find and follow Jesus. 

So when you're ready to say "I'm in". That you are following Jesus and you are doing so with Movement as your church we have something for you because there is work to do and trails to blaze.