T-Shirt Easter

T-Shirt Easter    

I am so fortunate to have parents that helped me find and follow Jesus. But, if I’m honest, I could have done without the church clothes.

The whole idea of wearing your “Sunday best” to worship this Jesus who was a carpenter, who hung out with fisherman, and spoke so profoundly about unlimited and unmerited grace has always seemed odd to me. Although there’s a lot we do in church culture to question.

At Movement, we want to be a church for all people, so if you want to wear a tie or that dress, by all means. That said, we don’t want to create an expectation that you have to dress up for church.

For Easter this year we want to give those of you not wanting to dress up a fun option. It's called T-Shirt Easter. For our Easter Sunday we are encouraging you to wear a shirt from your favorite cause, charity or organization. We see this as a great way to shed some light on some great causes and have a little fun.


You can see some of our favorite causes and order your shirts here.

See you at Easter!